Our Mission & Vision

Code13 Medical

Code13 has become a learning organization that acts with the motto of "human health first" and that is built on the basis of customer and employee happiness, has penetrated the understanding of corporate culture into sterile product production processes and creates sustainable added value.

Our Mission

It aims to protect customer satisfaction, human safety and health by meeting the needs of the medical sector and producing products of universal quality and standards with innovative approaches.

Our Vision

To become a leader in the medical sector with sustainable R&D activities, and to become a prestigious brand in international markets by creating differences with customer-employee satisfaction and social responsibility understanding.

Our Values

To achieve sustainable growth with our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders;

- Customer happiness

– Creativity and Innovation

– Transparency

– Values ​​its Employees

- Environmental awareness

– Fair Distribution

- Sustainability

Our Strategies

To become one of the leading brands in the industry with sustainable R&D studies by digitizing all processes without reducing customer satisfaction below 99% with the turnover of our Kod13 Medical Brand.